November Election 2017 – It’s Important

We will be voting to amend our Texas Constitution plus some of you will be voting on whether to raise your property taxes, or not, and for numerous local races.

Early voting: Monday, Oct 23rd thru Friday, Nov 3rd

Election Day: Tuesday, Nov 7th

EVERYONE is voting on 7 TX Constitutional Amendments…. read them HERE.

Confused? Understandably … THIS video will clear some questions up. If you still have questions, read HERE, HERE, and HERE.

PLEASE check to see what is on your ballot ahead of time.

Links for ballot lookup:

Brazoria County 

Chambers County

Galveston County (Lots of BONDS = Tax Increases)

Harris County  (City of Houston – Lots of BONDS = Tax Increases)

Also, check with your local ISD, City, MUD, Water District’s website to see if they are proposing any Bonds or having a Board/Trustee Election. These entities don’t advertise usually because ‘low turnout = they win’ & you lose. 




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