Who We Are:

We are Conservative Americans who uphold the US Constitution, educate the public, and hold our elected officials accountable.  We are Citizens who monitor & advocate to the Texas Legislature and the U.S. Congress.  We are Taxpayer Advocates who stand up for all hard-working Americans.

How We Started:

The Clear Lake Tea Party was founded by a small business owner in the Clear Lake Area in February of 2009. With the help of several other small business owners who were very concerned with the direction our Country was being lead, the first Tax Day Tea Party was organized.

Where We Are Today:

We now have a Texas Non-Profit Corporation and a Board of Directors made up of 11 very committed patriots who meet every week to discuss ways we can Take Back America!  We put our country first and always strive to follow God and the Constitution.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to raise awareness of the core values of our republic as outlined in the Constitution, helping to promote a government of The People…by The People…and for The People.

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