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CLTP is teaming up with Empower Texans for a Night of

Social Networking…… Don’t miss out!


Wednesday, November 1 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Preamble Lounge and Craft House

20801 Gulf Freeway #12, Webster, Texas 77598


Looking forward to another night of Socializing and Politics





Early voting for the November Election begins today, Monday October 23 and continues through Friday November 3.

Election day is Tuesday November 7, 2017. Check out our last email blast for more information HERE.



Clear Lake Tea Party presents



Dr. Davey Edwards – Candidate for Texas Land Commissioner

Friday, December 8  6 PM – 8 PM

Spring Creek BBQ

2710 Gulf Fwy S, League City, TX 77573

Davey is very involved with the Protect our Alamo movement as well.

Join us as we get to know him and his candidacy.

November Election 2017 – It’s Important

We will be voting to amend our Texas Constitution plus some of you will be voting on whether to raise your property taxes, or not, and for numerous local races.

Early voting: Monday, Oct 23rd thru Friday, Nov 3rd

Election Day: Tuesday, Nov 7th

EVERYONE is voting on 7 TX Constitutional Amendments…. read them HERE.

Confused? Understandably … THIS video will clear some questions up. If you still have questions, read HERE, HERE, and HERE.

PLEASE check to see what is on your ballot ahead of time.

Links for ballot lookup:

Brazoria County 

Chambers County

Galveston County (Lots of BONDS = Tax Increases)

Harris County  (City of Houston – Lots of BONDS = Tax Increases)

Also, check with your local ISD, City, MUD, Water District’s website to see if they are proposing any Bonds or having a Board/Trustee Election. These entities don’t advertise usually because ‘low turnout = they win’ & you lose. 




Oct Lunch & Learn: Jury Nullification

Clear Lake Tea Party’s Lunch & Learn is baaaaack!

Tom Glass is a brilliant attorney who will present his case for Jury Nullification and its benefits toward pushing back a bloated, intrusive government.

As a bonus, Kathy Glass will give a post-85th Legislative update, focusing on Gov Abbott.

When: Friday October 13th

Where: Spring Creek BBQ, 2710 Gulf Freeway, League City, TX 77573 (map)

Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Don’t miss this ‘SE TX Legislative Recap’  

Tickets on sale now!


VIP ticket purchase deadline is Monday, Aug 21st at 10:00 p.m.

General admission will be available at the door, pending availability. 

Watch for Special Guest announcements!! 

Who is the Texas Freedom Caucus? 


TX Election Integrity is at stake! #TXlege #GovAbbott

More Smoke & Mirrors… a Look at #TXLege Election Reforms

Aaron Harris | May 26, 2017

They are at it again!

Who is they? Those who provide cover to lazy, squish politicians, such as the Republican Party of Texas’ legal counsel – Eric Opiela.

What are they up to again? Opiela would have you believe state lawmakers accomplished their mission of “meaningful” election reform. Those alleged reforms are the following four bills: SB 1666, HB 1735, HB 2691, HB 4034.

What are the facts?

SB1666 is a 28-page bill. All but two items simply perfecting and or codify how we already do things…in other words it’s house cleaning. There is an increased penalty tag on the bill, which would makes someone who votes in both the Dem and Rep Primary in the same cycle a 2nd  degree felon. It’s a solution in search of a problem. This bill also has wording to make organized election fraud a crime, something we desperately need. But the bill is nothing but smoke. It is not paired with wording creating the crime. What is the offense? They conveniently left that out.

HB2691 targets nursing homes. Interestingly, I’m not aware of a single documented case of verifiable nursing home voter fraud. When these bills were heard in committee, no one showed up with testimony about this being a problem. Mostly this bill creates a lot of work for the county and accomplishes nothing. Then again, lawmakers often hang their hats on bills with nice titles that accomplish nothing; it’s the TXLege way.

HB1735 is not a reform bill. This bill codifies how to run primary elections, who pays for what…oh, and what oath the election judge should recite. While these things are needed in the code, they hardly classify as “meaningful” reform addressing election our current integrity issues.

HB4034 – this is a good bill. But doesn’t materially solve any of our challenges right now. It simply allows the Secretary of State to take very limited steps to eliminate certain duplicate registered voters. Again, I’ve seen no instance or data suggesting this has ever been a problem.

What proposals should have passed? How did the #TXLege fail Texans? Let us count the ways.

SB136 by Van Taylor and HB3474 by Fallon both would have required the Secretary of State (SoS) to use various tools, like the existing DPS database, to verify citizenship for those registering to vote. For those seeking voter-roll integrity, it doesn’t get much more simple than making sure all voters are citizens. Both bills died.

HB4131 and HB4133, both by Fallon, would have increased penalties for voter fraud crimes from simple misdemeanors to State Jail Felonies or above. You want to end vote harvesting like we’ve seen in The Valley, Tarrant County, and Dallas? We need to give law enforcement tools to prosecute. These bills would have done that. Both of these bills died in Calendars in the House.

HB4134 by Fallon is an organized crime election fraud bill, which would have given prosecutors the tools they need, but ONLY if coupled with the increased penalties in HB4131. Not surprisingly, this also died in House Calendars and is not the language Huffman picked up in the Senate.

Other bills the Republicans killed:

Republican Controlled Senate State Affairs, chaired by Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston)

  • SB’s 40511251142114417172090– comprehensive election reform – Republican State Affairs never heard bills
  • SB 829–  Paper ballot backup for electronic voting– Republican controlled State Affairs Com never heard bill
  • HB2691– On Senate floor, Republicans voted against paper ballot options for counties using vote centers. Republican Senators ignored Texas Republican Party Platform, #59 related to paper ballot options.

Republican Controlled House Election & Calendars Committees, Chaired by Rep. Jody Laubenberg (R-Collin County) and Rep. Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi)

  • HB 521– Cancel Voter Registration upon admission of non-citizen – Died in Calendars
  • HB 1462– Repeal Rolling Polling for Early Voting – Died in Calendars
  • HB 1711– Paper ballot backup for electronic voting – No hearing in Elections Committee

As Aaron Harris, Direct Action says, “The record of ‘meaningful’ election reforms from this session is non-existent. Shame on those who work to blow smoke and expect reform-minded Texans to believe their spin. Don’t.”

Dr. Laura Pressley, founder of Save Our Texas Vote Coalition, says, “Both the Texas House and Senate left bills on the table that would 1) Secure paper ballot backups for electronic voting, 2) Increase penalties for election fraud and vote harvesting, 3) Provide crosschecks for voter registrations, and 4) Enhance ballot security.”

Grassroots America’s JoAnn Fleming says, Make no mistake – this is not a scheme that can be attributed to Democrats alone. We’ve seen enough evidence from Laura and Aaron to believe there are GOP officials up to their eyeballs in election tampering. This is how they defeat primary challengers. When anti-voter fraud bills can’t even get a hearing in a committee chaired by a Republican, something is rotten in Denmark. If Texans cannot trust election results, then we are no better than a banana republic. Every Texan should question why the legislature’s committee chairs failed to move bills that would have strengthened election integrity and ballot security. They had 140 days to get the job done. Could it be that the voting machine lobby’s voices ring louder in Austin than those of the People?”


  1. Sign Up Now…
    Send Gov. Abbott a Message to Call a Special Session
    for Election Integrity & Ballot Security.

    Click here to read our coalition letter to Gov. Abbott & sign the petition yourself.

    Aaron Harris, Direct Action Texas, will deliver the petition to Gov. Abbott. 

    2) Share this “Take Action” section
    with your family, friends & colleagues.
    Send them the link to our letter & anti-voter fraud petition.

    Sign them up!

(Thank you to JoAnn Fleming & Aaron Harris for keeping us ‘in the know’ along with providing action items!)

Stop the Madness: #TXlege Budget Action Item!


Calling the Texas Grassroots Army: All hands on deck, today!  This cannot wait!

The State Budget Conference Committee is still meeting to resolve the budget differences before the budget goes back to both the House and the Senate to be voted on. Agreement has not yet been reached.

Gov. Abbott has insisted the Conferees add back to the budget these items, which are opposed by a majority of the conservative grassroots groups:

$236 million for Abbott’s “high quality” prekindergarten initiative, taken out of schools’ basic funding
$16 million for Abbott’s university scholar recruitment program
$86 million for Abbott’s Texas Enterprise Fund & $22 million for Film & Music Industry incentives (Corporate Welfare)
Total: $360 million!

Our pro-life wins in the House are also in jeopardy of being removed!

 Please weigh in right now by telling the Budget Conferees you want the following:
1) Eliminate state funding for abortion providers & affiliates (i.e. Planned Parenthood)
2) Fund alternatives to abortion at the full $38.3 million for two years
3) No raid on the Rainy Day Fund or Transportation funds!
4) Fully defund the Enterprise Fund (Corporate Welfare)
5) Fully defund Film & Music subsidies (Corporate Welfare)
6) Ensure 24 full payments to the Permanent School Fund – no budget gimmick here!
7) Don’t rob basic school funding for new Pre-K programs.
Even if you don’t agree with all of these points, pick those you do and contact the Budget Conference Committee members ASAP! If you wait, it may be too late & then we’ll be faced with trying to defeat the budget – which is MORE difficult!

Take Action – Step 1: Contact the Conference Committee members below

Take Action – Step 2: Contact your own State Rep & State Senator with this same message! Let them know exactly what you think about these budget items!
If they get enough calls, they will weigh in with the Conference Committee too!

Contact the Conference Committee members below:
Rep. John Zerwas (Co-Chair House): (512) 463-0657, john.zerwas@house.texas.gov
Twitter @RepJohnZerwas
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/johnzerwas/

Rep. Trent Ashby: (512) 463-0508,  trent.ashby@house.texas.gov
Twitter @TrentAshbyTX
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/trent.ashby.568

Rep. Sarah Davis: (512) 463-0389, sarah.davis@house.texas.gov
Twitter @SarahforHD134
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/sarahdavisrep134/

Rep. Larry Gonzales: (512) 463-0670, larry.gonzales@house.texas.gov
Twitter @larrygonzales52
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/larrygonzalesHD52

Rep. Oscar Longoria: (512) 463-0645, oscar.longoria@house.texas.gov
Twitter @RepLongoria
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/oscarlongoriajr

Sen. Jane Nelson (Co-Chair Senate): (512) 463-0112, jane.nelson@senate.texas.gov
Twitter @SenJaneNelson
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/SenatorJaneNelson/

Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa: (512) 463-0120, juan.hinojosa@senate.texas.gov
Twitter @TxChuy
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/SenatorChuyHinojosa/

Sen. Joan Huffman: (512) 463-0117, joan.huffman@senate.texas.gov
Twitter @joanhuffman
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/senatorjoanhuffman/

Sen. Lois Kolkhorst: (512) 463-0118, lois.kolkhorst@senate.texas.gov
Twitter @loiskolkhorst
Facebook  https://www.Facebook.com/LoisKolkhorst/

Sen. Charles Schwertner: (512) 463-0105, Charles.schwertner@senate.texas.gov
Twitter @DrSchwertner
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/drschwertner/

Thank you, Mighty Texas Grassroots Army!

JoAnn Fleming

Executive Director

Grassroots America – We the People PAC

Texas Free Market Coalition: An Open Letter to Mr. Warren Buffett

When ALL of our legislative priorities are stalled in committees, and some not even assigned to committees yet this session, this bill is fast tracked?!?! Really?
Below is an action item from our friend, JoAnn Fleming:
This was delivered to all senators and to the Gov & Lt. Gov. yesterday by our friend Bill Hussey!
Hat tip to Adam Cahn who helped with the letter composition.
This was a great team effort for the Texas Grassroots!
Call your state senator!  Tell them to either amend the Buffett bill (SB 2279) with the Hall direct sales bill, or if Sen. Hancock will not accept that, vote against the Buffett bill!
Go get ’em!
JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director



Tax increase on the way…. you can stop it. Early VOTING has begun!

As some of you may know, our local elections are underway today! Early voting is from Monday April 24th through May 2nd, with polling locations closed on Sunday, and Election Day is Saturday, May 6th.

What’s on my ballot and where do I vote?

*Clear Creek ISD $487 Million dollar Bond & Trustee Election 

*Harris County Municipal Elections 

*Galveston County Municipal Elections 

Do you have a tax increase on YOUR ballot? If you live within the boundaries shown below & own property, rent from a property owner, own a business, or buy from local businesses…. This property tax increase WILL affect you and future generations. Click HERE for a LOT more information about this CCISD Bond, aka tax increase.


CCISD district 2
Clear Creek ISD School District Map 2017 

Grab your neighbors and GO VOTE! It’s up to us to protect our children’s future! 





April 21st Lunch & Learn

We are pleased to announce Seth Collins is our scheduled speaker.

Seth is currently the Policy & Constituent Adviser for County Commissioner of Precinct 1, Darrell A. Apffel. Seth has spent most of his career in politics, which he first became active in Young Conservatives of America at Valdosta State University, located in Valdosta, Georgia, where he graduated with honors. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science, Seth then went on to work for David Perdue’s senate campaign, and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In addition to this Seth also worked for the Leadership Institute, which is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes, trains, and equips young conservatives on college campuses, and for a short time worked for Clear Creek Independent School District. Currently, he in his Masters program at Texas A&M University. Seth is a principled conservative and is dedicated to public service. He hopes to shape policy in Galveston County to reflect conservative values, and preserve what America’s founding fathers had in mind.

When: Friday, April 21st

Time: 11:30 to 1:00 with the program starting at 12:00

Where: Spring Creek BBQ 2710 Gulf Freeway, League City, TX 77573

We’ll see you there! #AllPoliticsIsLocal


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